Jos Jansen

Jos plays the Willson Bass trombone 551TWA JJ


Jos Jansen was born in Westervoort near Arnhem, in the Netherlands.

Education, successes
Like many other professional musicians, Jos Jansen started his music career as a young boy at his father`s side. He began his studies of the trombone at the age of 21 at the Academy of Music of Twente, where his teacher was Gerrit Boomsma. Later he studied in Zwolle under Paul Woesthuis and Ben van Dijk. He received his trombone teacher diploma in 1989. Between 1989 and 1991 he did further education in Hilversumi under Ben van Dijk und Erik van Lier where he also got the concert diploma.

Jos Jansen is an internationally renowned Solo Bass- trombone Player.

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