The right item for everybody

Buying an instrument is a matter close to your heart. It is our goal to fill you with enthusiasm about a brass instrument that shows off your skill and it would be our pleasure to provide you with a thorough consultation.

It doesn`t matter if you are a beginner, advanced or a stage musician, the choice of the right instrument is of utmost importance. It is worth getting detailed information in order to find a suitable instrument. How? This you will learn with our consultation.

- We take our time.
- Brass instrument experts consult you personally.
- Our wide range of experience is at your disposal.
- Our entire display is ready for a trial.
- With our knowledge we will guide you to the right decision.
- In our sound room you can test until the tone is right.
- With us you can feel the atmosphere develop.
- Please call for an appointment out of hours.
- The directions is are easy to follow, a car park is available in front of the building.

Welcome !