Now available the brand new C Tuba MERLIN Mod. 3060FA-5 You must test it!
WILLSON  Merlin  3060-FA5

Versatility is the fundamental concept which guided the conception of this new tuba: as one does not necessarlily have a B flat tuba, a 6/4 CC tuba and a F tuba readily available at home…. The Merlin 3060-FA-5 is comfortable in many configurations sets, from grand symphonic orchestra to brass quintet.

This tuba is the fruit of a successful collaboration between the Willson Brass team, an ergonomic designer, a luthier, many artists, and each detail has been studied, tested and validated:
  • Intonation: a new valve block based on the 3050/3100 series was specially developed by Kurt Kurath, with optimized bores and new connection angle, resulting in a perfect in tune intonation.
  • Flexibility: we redesigned the entire tubes and slides architecture, as well as the intermediary junctions to optimize the air flow and the resonance in the tuba body, for an exceptional ease of play.
  • Compact design ergonomy: result of extensive studies, the Merlin 3060-FA5 has a particularly compact construction offering numerous handling possibilities regardless of the musician’s size, and developing a 5/4 sound quality in a 4/4 format.
  • Sound capabilities: Merlin is at both time a smooth and an aggressive tuba. You can play very softly when needed and also very loud and with a big projection.
Merlin is very accurate with a nice feedback in tune. Very, very flexible and centred.Easy to manage. And at least, all the solides are easy to access.


Pitch:                    C   
Size:                     5/4
Bore:                    19,0mm - 0.748” (1+2+3) / 20,0mm - 0.787” (4) / 20,mm - 0.807” (5)
Non compensating 4 valves and 1 ROTAX Rotary Valve
Weight:                9,0kg  - 19,84 lbs
Height:                 900mm - 35,43”
Bell diameter:       440mm - 17,32”
Finish:                 lacquered, silverplated and more