As good as new

Every gem needs to be cared for. You will be amazed when you hold your revived instrument in your hands. It shines as if it was new and it sounds better than before.

A player often does not notice the wear and tear of his instrument at all. One becomes too accustomed to its characteristics – unfortunately also those which impair sound and handling. Some parts wear out or cannot fulfil their functions properly anymore due to usage. We would be happy to deal with your instrument. The following services are part of for a standard reconditioning:

- Dismantling of your instrument and thoroughly cleaning the inside
- Removing the varnish, repairing the surface of any dented parts and coils
- Welding of any parts and coils
- Polishing the instrument and cleaning by ultra sound.
- Varnishing or silver plating
- Reassembling and tuning

We look forward to advising you on any other services, including upgrades.

Instruments: Brass instruments only, brand Willson and others.
Duration: To be arranged. Ask for an appointment.
Remarks: Substitute instruments can be arranged.
Contact: Please call + 41 81 733 14 78