C.S. Willson Double Horn Mod. Kruspe

The precise response and outstanding presence of the F horn are the impressive features of this instrument.

The Bb horn gives you a reliable response in the high register. Its perfect intonation is the result of our intensive research efforts in the field of tubing diameters and design. The characteristics are largely due to the use of ROTAX valve.

Pitch: F / Bb full double horn ROTAX rotorsunrivalled sound quality and reliable response
Bore: 11,80mm / 0.464"Rotohead systemadjustable joint systen and free-noise levers
ROTAX - rotorsDetachable bellexcellent sound projection. Suitable for big symphonic orchestras.
Rotohead system3 tuning slidesallows for perfect intonation of the instrument
Bell: detachable
Material (horn): yellow brass, red brass with nickel silver rim or completely nickel silver
Valve set and slides made of nickel silver
Material (leadpipe): nickel silver
Tuning slides for: F and Bb horn and main tuning slide
Model numbers on requestROTAX rotors