WILLSON BBb Tuba 3100 TA-4

This tuba features a focused and well-centered tone.

Thanks to its sonic purity and outstanding intonation, this tuba is a must for any orchestra or brass band.

Specifications:Features: Benefits:
Pitch: Bb4 valves, compensatingexcellent intonation and easy response
Bore: 18,0 / 20,0mm 0.708" / 0.787"Seamless bell 3150unmatched tuba sound which carries well
Weight: 12,5kg / 27.5 lbsStainless steel valvesnon-corrosive and smooth action piston valves
Height: 950mm / 37.40"Rubber silencernoise-free
Bell diameter: 500mm / 19.68"Innovative water key rubberno interruption of air flow
4 stainless steel valves with valve springs underneathNylon valve guidesnoise-free
4 water keys
Carrying rings
Convenient hand rest
Yellow brass bell
Nylon valve guides
Finish: lacquered or sliver plated
Water catcher