WILLSON CC Tuba 3050 FA-5

This tuba gives you lots of flexibility with its clear and precise response throughout the entire dynamic range. A great variety of demanding musical tasks can be mastered with ease.


Pitch: C Seamless bell 3150unmatched tuba sound which carries well
Bore: 19,0 / 20,0mm 0.748" / 0.787" Rotax rotor: 20,5mm / 0.807" Stainless steel valvesnon-corrosive and smooth action piston valves
4 valves and 1 Rotax valve non-compensatingRubber silencernoise-free
Weight: 11,2kg / 24.6 lbs Innovative water key rubber no interruption of air flow
Height: 940mm / 37.00"Nylon valve guidesnoise-free
Bell diameter: 500mm / 19.68"
4 stainless steel valves with valve springs underneathfedern
5th valve with ROTAX rotor
3 water keys
Yellow brass bell
Nylon valve guides
Finish: lacquered or silver plated