WILLSON Celebration Bb Cornets 410/460

The Celebration cornet features a very warm traditional brass band sound. Its excellent response and almost perfect playing characteristics and intonation make it the ideal instrument for any brass band cornet player.

Pitch: BbStainless steel valvesnon-corrosive and smooth action valves
Bore: 11,9mm / 0.468"Trigger Rotohead systemadjustable joint system
3 stainless steel valves with overhead valve springsLeadpipe mod. 410long leadpipe: "narrows" brass band sound a little bit
Bell diameter: 120mm / 4.72" Leadpipe mod. 460Leadpipe mod. 460
Main tuning slide and 3rd valve slide triggerNovel valve sectionbrilliant response and unrivalled sound quality
2 water keysMain tuning slide triggeroptimum intonation control
Yellow brass or red brass bell
Finish: lacquered, silver plated or silver plated with goldplated trims
Nylon valve guides