WILLSON Eb Tuba 3400S FA-5

Developed by French tuba soloist Gabriel CAPET.

This small, compact Eb Tuba is setting new standards in the tuba sector. The tuba is compact and uncompensated. The tones are highly centred and allow a direct, subtle intonation. The tuba projects sound extremely well and can be played with incomparable ease. Despite the compact construction, this tuba has a big tuba sound.

Stimmung: EbPitch: EbSeamless bell 3150unmatched tuba sound which carries well
Bore: 18,0 / 19,0mm 0.708" / 0.748" Rotax rotor: 19,5mm / 0.767"Stainless steel valvesnon-corrosive
4 valves and 1 Rotax valve non-compensatingRubber silencernoise-free
Weight: 9,2kg / 20.2 lbsInnovative water key rubberno interruption of air flow
Height: 820mm / 32.28"Nylon valve guidesnoise-free
Bell diameter: 425mm / 16.73"New special, adjustable thumb ring and adjustable leverErgonomic solution. Provide a wide range of ergonomic adjustment to suit all sizes of hands
4 stainless steel valves with valve springs underneath
5th valve with ROTAX rotor
3 water keys
Yellow brass bell
Nylon valve guides
Finish: lacquered or silver plated