WILLSON F Tuba 3200 FA-5 XL

This new large-orchestra F tuba is appropriately named the XL and takes the place of the 3200 FA-5 tuba. The new XL is a completely revised design - even its appearance is totally new. Like its predecessor, the XL F tuba has a sensational low register and a tone with plenty of body, which makes it exceptionally flexible.

The main bore is conically shaped, using the manufacturer's own empirical values. This yields absolutely pure pitch and intonation in all registers.

Pitch: F Seamless bell 3150 beautiful solo tuba sound which carries well
Bore: 18,0 / 19,0mm 0.708" / 0.748" Rotax rotor: 19,5mm / 0.767"Stainless steel valvesnon-corrosive
4 valves and 1 Rotax valve non-compensatingRubber silencernoise-free
Weight: 9,7kg / 21.3 lbsInnovative water key rubber no interruption of air flow
Height: 940mm / 37.00"Main truning slide triggeroptimum intonation control
Bell diameter: 450mm / 17.71"Nylon valve guidesnoise-free
4 stainless steel valves with valve springs underneath
5th valve with ROTAX rotor
2 water keys
Yellow brass bell
Main tuning slide trigger
Finish: lacquered or silver plated