WILLSON Celebration Euphonium 2960TA-UK

With these new models, Willson is taking British brass bands to higher levels. The newly developed euphoniums give entirely new dimensions to tone and performance that will not go unnoticed. The ease with which these euphoniums can be played is genuinely unprecedented - and truly sets them apart - allowing them to deliver powerful, rich and projected sound across the range of the instrument. Amazingly, they also produce a beautiful clear tone.

If you are looking for a powerful, rich and projected sound, look no further than the two new Euphonium Celebration models 2950 TA-UK and 2960 TA-UK.

Pitch: Bb4 valves, compensatingexcellent intonation and easy response
Bore: 15,0 / 16,8mm 0.590" / 0.661"Seamless bell 3150larger and smooth euphonium sound
Weight: 4,5kg / 9.9 lbsRedesigned bodypowerful, rich and projected sound across the range of the instrument. The famous sound of British Brass Band
Bell diameter: 310mm / 12.20"Bell with specially produced edgetraditional British Brass Band Sound
4 stainless steel valves with valve springs underneathBottom caps specially produced and heavy weightwith solo character, but also a band instrument
3 water keysStainless steel valvesnon-corrosive
Convenient hand restRubber silencernoise-free
Yellow brass bellInnovative water key rubberno interruption of air flow
Slides and protection wires on nickel silver Nylon valve guidesnoise-free
Finish: lacquered or silver plated
Water catcher
Option: main tuning slide trigger